consumer buying journey

Are you paying your biggest competitor?

The biggest change in automotive over the past few years has been in the way customers buy cars. Shoppers still go through the 5 stages of purchase identified by McKinsey & Company: 1) Awareness, 2) Familiarity, 3) Consideration, 4) Purchase, and 5) Loyalty. Somehow, while we were all watching, 3rd party lead providers snuck into the process and stole a whole bunch of customers from their client dealers. Most of the early legwork done in the Familiarity and Consideration phases is now taking Read more [...]

The Power of Ironman, on the Course and in Business

I recently competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The triathlon includes running, biking and swimming. Candidly, I like the variety and the challenge of improving in all three disciplines. I returned home inspired by what’s possible for all of us who set “crazy” goals and are willing to put in the work to reach them! So many people dream big dreams as young people and then start settling for less in young adulthood. I don’t think God made us to shut down and Read more [...]