Data segmentation and how it affects your marketing

Marketing is key to increasing the profitability of your dealership. However, with so many marketing strategies available, it is difficult to determine which strategies are worthy of your time. So where should you start? Data segmentation is an effective marketing strategy that can improve the effectiveness of campaigns and ultimately boost sales for any dealership. Instead of focusing just on large numbers, covering your audience with a “shotgun” approach, Client Command® works more like Read more [...]

3 Easy Ways to Convert Online Visitors to Showroom Visitors

Online retail has replaced a good deal of the business from brick-and-mortar stores. Dealer Marketing Magazine reports that one-third of buyers now prefer to buy online. With a bit of creativity and some effort, your car dealership can bring in more online buyers to the lot and keep your sales up. People still want to deal with people, they may just have different ways of going about it. You can use the online channel to save prospects valuable time. Offer them a time to visit and learn more about Read more [...]

Five Tips for Converting Leads to Sales

You probably put a lot of thought into your marketing strategy. It may be paying off if you have thousands of website visitors, hundreds of “likes” on Facebook, a thousand Twitter fans, and a steady amount of foot traffic into your dealership. Your marketing strategy seems to be working if it’s generating leads, but there’s another important piece to the puzzle. The ultimate goal isn’t just to generate leads. The goal is to sell vehicles. The following tips can help you convert more Read more [...]
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You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Using These Social Media Tricks to Find Buyers!

Almost all industries today are looking online to generate business. Consumers of all kinds of products and services use social media to gather information and make purchasing decisions. This is true in the auto industry, too. Still, not all dealerships are taking full advantage of social media to attract potential customers. Maybe yours is one of them. So what’s holding you back? These are some possible reasons. You think social media takes too much of your limited time. You don’t know Read more [...]
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3 Dealership Email Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Sales

Your dealership will go nowhere fast without an effective marketing campaign. Along with online ads, promotions, and direct mail, email marketing can help generate leads and convert them to sales. Email is the “workhorse” of digital marketing according to the Direct Marketing Association. With anywhere from a 31% - 43% return on every dollar spent, it is an important aspect of how you generate new sales for your dealership. The key is to get more subscribers to sign up but also to open and read your emails. Just because you have been doing email marketing for a while does not mean you shouldn’t test or continually refine your emails and process. Below are just a few tips on how to really engage via email marketing. Read more [...]
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Powerful Marketing Fuel From This Year’s Conversion Conference

I recently returned from the Conversion Conference in Chicago. This year’s presentations were packed with conversion rate optimization insights that can have a major impact in your business! Closing more sales starts with understanding what a prospect really needs. It’s been said for decades (maybe centuries?), but the customer truly is king. For digital marketers, here’s some ideas on how to put this into practice. Read more [...]