Are Your In-Market Audiences Really Active Shoppers or Are You Getting Taken for a Ride?

Advertising has always been full of buzz words. Sometimes they are important. Sometimes they’re misleading. Sometimes they’re misused just because a media rep or advertising vendor wants to say something that sounds trendy and important. There’s a relative new term that’s been introduced with the advent of the data marketing revolution. The term is “in-market.” And it’s all three of the above. For automotive marketers, “in-market” should mean that their advertising is reaching Read more [...]
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Are you paying your biggest competitor?

The biggest change in automotive over the past few years has been in the way customers buy cars. Shoppers still go through the 5 stages of purchase identified by McKinsey & Company: 1) Awareness, 2) Familiarity, 3) Consideration, 4) Purchase, and 5) Loyalty. Somehow, while we were all watching, 3rd party lead providers snuck into the process and stole a whole bunch of customers from their client dealers. Most of the early legwork done in the Familiarity and Consideration phases is now taking Read more [...]

Manufacturers Increase Loyalty While Dealerships Try to Keep Up

Every year the automotive industry floods the market with new vehicles with new looks, and new features. Buyers often find themselves lost in a sea of makes and models with only a vague idea of what they may need. Because of this, car buyers often rely on brands they know, whether they are the brands they need. Is a Nissan the best option for your circumstances, or is a Honda? How would one know? The answer can be found within a local dealership's doors. Read more [...]