Are You About To Pay A Lot More For Your TV Spots?

Television has long been a primary tactic on many dealerships’ media strategies. However, the challenges television faces and the solutions being considered to help fix them may mean a much more competitive and expensive landscape for the commercial break inventory thousands of dealerships have been using for decades. A recent edition of Advertising Age ran a story headlined “How Ad Tech Just Might Save TV.” Television, according to the story, has been suffering from attacks on all sides, Read more [...]

Are Your In-Market Audiences Really Active Shoppers or Are You Getting Taken for a Ride?

Advertising has always been full of buzz words. Sometimes they are important. Sometimes they’re misleading. Sometimes they’re misused just because a media rep or advertising vendor wants to say something that sounds trendy and important. There’s a relative new term that’s been introduced with the advent of the data marketing revolution. The term is “in-market.” And it’s all three of the above. For automotive marketers, “in-market” should mean that their advertising is reaching Read more [...]

Want to Successfully Navigate the Unknown Waters of Advertising Technology? Learn 3 Tips How.

Have you ever felt like the abundance of emerging marketing and advertising technology, gizmos, and strategies is a bit like being in a tsunami of information? Just as you get comfortable in one area, BOOM, there’s a new wave crashing down. As technology progresses, it’s inescapable as a marketer. The decision to make is do you want to navigate the waters head on in an ark or risk it in a life raft. When it comes to automotive marketing, doing something different from what you know can be Read more [...]
5 Ways To Kill Your KPI's

5 Ways to Kill Your KPIs

With the wealth of data captured by the typical enterprise system, KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators) and the dashboards that display them are becoming very popular. Anybody who can’t monitor his metrics in real time just isn’t cool. And, mostly, KPIs are a good thing, and the dashboard is a very appropriate tool. Some KPIs are like the speedometer in cars; they tell you when you need to press the pedal or when you can lighten up. MTD Revenue is an example of the speedometer KPI. Others Read more [...]

Does your marketing need Lasik?

It’s an awesome feeling. When car sales are strong, life is good.   Inventory is perfect. The dealership is clicking on all cylinders. Car buyers are plentiful and everyone is making money.   Now, be honest. How frequent are month’s like that at your dealership? Are they pretty regular occurrences or do consistent sales and sustained growth month after month feel as impossible as nailing jello to a tree?   The truth is, every dealership can have a good month occasionally. Read more [...]

Over 90% of your market isn’t listening to your advertising

Want to see which of your advertising media strategies work and which are a waste of money? It’s actually pretty easy.   For decades, car dealerships of all sizes have used different forms of spray and pray mass media to try and connect with car buyers. The question however, how can mass media really be measured to determine it’s true ROI. Is it a solid investment, a necessary evil, or just a waste of money?   For example, take two of the most popular mass media advertising Read more [...]

Are PPC & SEO Driving Sales, But You’re Struggling to Hold Gross? (Might not be your people!)

So, you’re getting good news? Your Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-click campaigns are working. They’re driving new customers to the showroom – and those customers are buying cars. The bad news? Even with all this traffic growth and increased sales, gross profit is low. What’s wrong with this picture?” Quite possibly, it’s low margin sales that are born from automotive customers’ commodity mindset that focuses on low price above all. Your PPC and SEO efforts have been successful Read more [...]

Evolution to Revolution: The Rise of Data-Driven Marketing

Over the past 25 years, digital technology has transformed dealership marketing from mass media into the age of personalized experiences. What was once “nice to have” is now the must-have way to engage customers. The digital evolution has become a revolution. Marketers are using digital tools to reach prospects with pinpoint accuracy, replacing old-fashion shotgun mass market advertising with digital tools offering laser sharp accuracy. Data-Driven Marketing: The rules of engagement are Read more [...]

Why all multi-channel marketing campaigns are not created equal

On the surface most multi-channel marketing campaigns look the same. Most have great creative and multi-media such as display ads delivered on mobile or PC devices. They also have PURLS, emails, phone calls and mailers delivered over a set period of time. That’s on the surface. What sets one campaign apart from another is completely invisible to the naked eye. The Targeting, timing and engagement methods under the hood make all the difference. Astute clients often ask us “how can you guarantee Read more [...]

Effective Ways to Shift Digital Marketing into Overdrive

The car buying process has changed, and top performing dealerships are responding. Consumers now  rely on digital channels at every step in the process, from researching models to comparing prices and even purchasing their chosen vehicle. With so much online activity, car dealers can no longer afford to assume their presence in the neighborhood is enough to land them the sales they need. Reshaping marketing efforts to include a richer mix of digital helps car dealerships stay in business and Read more [...]
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