Are You About To Pay A Lot More For Your TV Spots?

Television has long been a primary tactic on many dealerships’ media strategies. However, the challenges television faces and the solutions being considered to help fix them may mean a much more competitive and expensive landscape for the commercial break inventory thousands of dealerships have been using for decades. A recent edition of Advertising Age ran a story headlined “How Ad Tech Just Might Save TV.” Television, according to the story, has been suffering from attacks on all sides, Read more [...]

When You Don’t Even Get To Make A First Impression

During the journey of today's car shoppers, some dealers will have the opportunity to make far more sales to far more car shoppers than others. The simple difference between the two is that the dealer not making the sale isn’t making it because they probably got beat to the opportunity.   The basic marketing/sales funnel model hasn’t changed in years. The start to a sale begins at a vague level of insight called the awareness stage; a car shopper knows they want a new vehicle and they Read more [...]

Winning Over Millenials

Millennials, loosely defined, are people born in the 1980s through late 1990s. This audience is an important force in the economy, and in automotive sales, representing about 25% of all buyers. It’s critical that dealerships win over this group, but that can prove easier said than done. Making strides with discerning Millennial buyers requires a special focus on their particular needs. For starters, Millennials have different priorities than their parents. Many have demonstrated reluctance to Read more [...]

Keeping High Touch in Hi-Tech

As a marketer, we’re constantly focused on improving our own technology that will allow us to accelerate how we hone in on in-market buyers for our clients.  What we do works and continues getting better – this is why dealers invest in our product.  But the way in which we go about doing this is much different than it was even 5 years ago.  Technology is not only impacting marketing, driving everything digital, but it also impacts what consumers are looking for in a vehicle.  No longer are Read more [...]

New Year, New Buyer Insights

Recently McKinsey & Company came out with an extensive study called Innovating Automotive Retail. In reviewing McKinsey’s findings, we thought we would share our take on what they mean for our audience. We continue to hear about how the buying experience is migrating online. 85% of customers still use the dealer touch points. 1 in 4 customers also reports dissatisfaction with the dealer experience in the car buying process.[1] This raises key questions for dealerships who want to remain Read more [...]
automotive pipeline efficiency

Sales Pipeline Efficiency – Data Analysis Meets Marketing Strategy

New car sales reached a global record high in 2013 (CNBC). This economic indicator, along with statistics showing continuing declines in unemployment, points to a strengthening economy. This is good news for car dealers. However, statistics also reveal that Americans now delay car replacement for as long as possible, with truck owners keeping their vehicles for more than ten years on average. So, while general economic trends and industry-specific data add up to promising average auto sales, dealerships Read more [...]
diverse media graphic

Working vs. Non-Working Media – What Really “Works”

Recently I read an article about “Working” and “Non-working” media. The article was about a reputable consultant suggesting a client move 80% of their marketing budget to “working” media. Is the reputable consultant suggesting content marketing, organic search, social media, and email marketing is not “working” media? I've seen too much success through the use of these channels to buy into that line of thinking. The article really made me think about the automotive industry and Read more [...]

you’ve seen one, you haven’t seen them all. No two dealerships are alike!

To the average business person, automotive dealerships probably all seem alike. All sell vehicles. All compete on price. All have been affected by the growth in online search and sourcing, right? Some might assume dealer marketing is fairly consistent across dealerships - but you know what they say about people who assume... Nothing could be farther from the truth. After years of working with automotive dealers, I’ve learned there’s actually very little you can say about our dealership customer Read more [...]

Road Warrior’s Journal: Insights from the Road

After completing my first couple of rounds of customer road trips, I’ve had a few interesting observations and seen some developing trends. Here’s a topline of what I’ve learned so far. Some of our clients aren’t sure what we do for them Because Client Command® is so powerful and has such varied functionality, many clients have us mis-categorized in their marketing arsenal. This presents some very interesting challenges and questions, namely. Some don’t understand about the black Read more [...]

Taking Marketing Off-Road

People who know me will tell you: I look at life as one big adventure. I mean, what’s the use of doing the same old, same old?  That’s why I’m always looking for ways to push the limits and discover something new. Otherwise, I’ll end up right next to everyone else, right? Where’s the thrill in that? Personally, I’d much rather stand out than blend in. Enjoy more time four-wheeling and less time in the proverbial family sedan. Find new ways to reach my goals, instead of just following Read more [...]
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