Rolling Strong into 2015

Moving into 2015, the retail automotive market looks strong. JD Power and Associates forecast last month that new car and light truck sales will climb to 16.94 million in 2015. This would be a record high. We’re positioned to help dealers take advantage of this record sales growth. Research shows customers are changing the way they shop. According to a study done by McKinsey & Company in February 2014, 90% of customers now use the dealer website or OEM website in the early stages of their Read more [...]

Integration with your current traditional and digital marketing

Engaging conquest customers and delivering them to the showroom is a HOT button for every dealer. Who doesn't want to increase profits and grow their database? Reaching outside your database and bringing in-market buyers to your door is definitely one way to do that.  Our solutions can easily partner with the efforts of your current marketing, both traditional and digital. Because our program works in a way that’s very efficient, targeted, and doesn't saturate your market; we’re a perfect Read more [...]

Client Command® Advantage: Guaranteed Sales

An old expression attributed to Henry Ford… “Half my marketing budget is wasted. Trouble is, I can’t tell which half.” Instead of measuring the success of a campaign based solely on the number of impressions, website visits, or mail drops, we measure by your success - the number of sales generated.    Just try asking for that kind of safety net from a local newspaper, radio station, or even most marketers. They’ll likely act as if you’re out of touch with reality; because, although Read more [...]