Want to Successfully Navigate the Unknown Waters of Advertising Technology? Learn 3 Tips How.

Have you ever felt like the abundance of emerging marketing and advertising technology, gizmos, and strategies is a bit like being in a tsunami of information? Just as you get comfortable in one area, BOOM, there’s a new wave crashing down. As technology progresses, it’s inescapable as a marketer. The decision to make is do you want to navigate the waters head on in an ark or risk it in a life raft. When it comes to automotive marketing, doing something different from what you know can be Read more [...]

Nurturing Your Dealership Database

Intuitively, it may seem like keeping as many names as possible in the sales pipeline would be the way to go. The more leads you have, the more sales you will make, right? Not necessarily. Without nurturing your database, engaging subscribers becomes less and less effective. Nurturing means understanding where in the sales journey your potential customer is and communicating to move them to the purchase stage. Without a system, nurturing your dealer database properly becomes nearly impossible. Read more [...]

Best in Class Automotive Dealership Websites

The most engaging and best in class car dealership websites are those that manage to integrate all aspects of the car sales process into a well-designed and easy to navigate site. Understanding the customer journey takes the website to a new level but even more important to best in class site is personalized content. And by the way the site should load within .005 seconds in desktop and mobile browsers. Read more [...]

It’s not how you find your customers, it’s how your customers find you

Digital Auto Lead Generation So you want more leads for your car dealership? You are vying for position within the market like never before. In-market auto shoppers are doing their digital homework. While time in market may not be changing, the number of research touch points is, at an average of 24 according to Google. The Millward Brown/Google Vehicle Shopper Path to Purchase Study indicates how digital plays a big role leading up to purchase. Read more [...]