The Most Expensive, Common Mistake in Advertising & How to Avoid it

Raise your hand if you love wasting as much money as possible. We don’t mean if you like to spend money. We mean just throwing it frivolously out the window. What about time? Let’s see that hand go up if you love wasting hours and hours of time with not much to show for it. Just one more. Raise your hand if it drives you bonkers when your advertising doesn’t perform like you expect it to. If you didn’t raise your hand for the first two and did raise it for the last one, this is specifically Read more [...]

Why Being the ESPN of Automotive Isn’t a Good Thing

Have you ever paid attention to how something new and different seemingly comes out of nowhere and suddenly disrupts everything overnight? For businesses it can feel like a sucker punch. Here are some quick historic examples. The introduction of the telephone to homes and businesses demolished the need for telegraphs. The television quickly disrupted radio listenership. The internet killed the need for most people to read newspapers. Email significantly impacted the postal system. Online movie Read more [...]

How to Survive the Political Media Blackout

For TV stations, automobile dealers are very valuable advertisers. At the tier 3 level, dealers spent approximately $1.3 billion on TV spots alone last year. And that kind of money means that car dealers get a lot of attention from their local TV reps. Unless, of course, it happens to be the political season. Then suddenly there are no availabilities, station reps stop coming by, and the spots dealerships were promised to reach their market no longer exist. This year political advertising on local Read more [...]

The Truth About BSOS and How To Beat It

It’s called the “bright, shiny object syndrome” or BSOS for short. For people in charge of dealership marketing it can be a problem that’s extremely hard to overcome. People infected with BSOS can often see every new thing as THE thing, the one solution that’s going to make all the difference in helping them achieve their goals. Something new comes along that looks good and they grab it. Then, all of a sudden, they spot another bright shiny thing that looks good and they grab on to it Read more [...]

If it’s too easy, it’s probably wrong.

There’s a simple time-honored formula at car dealerships for calculating advertising costs per car sold: advertising spend divided by total number of cars sold.   It’s simple. It’s understandable. It’s specific, providing answers to three decimal places.   And, it’s so incredibly outdated it’s wrong.   As with most back-of-the-envelope calculations, this cost per car formula provides solid answers resting on a really mushy foundation. It does set something Read more [...]

Are You Meeting Car Buyers Too Late?

It’s the car buyer your team may hate to see. He comes in with a glint in his eye and a fist full of papers. He looks around, essentially daring a sales associate to approach him.   (We know that the “he” may well be a “she,” but for this example, he’s a “he.”)   He’s been doing his research for weeks or months. He’s checked prices on a half-dozen web sites. He’s spent hours in front of the computer getting ready for this visit.   His only question Read more [...]

Paying the Rent in Eyeballs

There are odd things in life that, for many of us, can make our brains hurt if we spend more than a few seconds trying to make sense of something where there is none. For instance, the use of the words “exact estimate” together. The worlds’ obsession with what the Kardashians are up to every minute of the day. Or, when media reps—like radio, television, cable or ppc—try to tie their measurements of anonymous audiences back to an actual return on advertising dollars invested.   There Read more [...]

Are you a valuable advertiser or a media pest?

Quick trivia question, how many advertisements and brand messages is the average person exposed to each day?   The number that consistently pops up in numerous places and regularly gets referenced is 5,000 exposures per day. Pretty massive.   Even if it can be substantiated, 5,000 exposures sounds a bit much. But, theoretically it could be possible. With that in mind, we conjured up a more general phrase not tied to a specific number to answer the question. The phrase is, “A Read more [...]

The Mother of Four Letter Words that Terrifies Marketing Vendors

With Halloween almost here, we think it is a perfect time to discuss a dealership marketing topic that’s incredibly scary. In fact, it’s so scary, most marketing vendors tremble in fear just hearing it. They’re so afraid of it, many won’t even talk about it. If they hear it mentioned, they immediately close their eyes, ignore it exists, and hope it quickly goes away. So what is it that’s so scary it makes marketers tremble in fear and hide under the bed? It’s the mother of all four Read more [...]