Client Command® Advantage: Guaranteed Sales

An old expression attributed to Henry Ford… “Half my marketing budget is wasted. Trouble is, I can’t tell which half.

Instead of measuring the success of a campaign based solely on the number of impressions, website visits, or mail drops, we measure by your success – the number of sales generated.   

Just try asking for that kind of safety net from a local newspaper, radio station, or even most marketers. They’ll likely act as if you’re out of touch with reality; because, although those traditional channels may reach a large marketplace, they don’t offer a trackable, quantifiable return that lets you check payoff against investment.

At Client Command®, our guarantee is at the heart of everything we do. We have fine-tuned a system for segmenting, serving, and cultivating response throughout a buyer’s journey. This gives us a strong, vested interest in working to raise closing rates with minimal investment.

The Client Command® guarantee turns that old “Model T”-era thinking like Henry Ford’s on its ear.  Instead of guesswork and luck, dealers receive consistent, well-developed leads on a regular basis, without market saturation.

This systematic approach to marketing reaches customers as they begin the automotive shopping process, then serves a steady stream of ongoing communications answering their needs and help them realize NOW is the right time to purchase.

We provide measureable results, and guarantee an increase in sales.  We’re so confident in our ability to hone in on in-market buyers, target them and lead them to your dealership, that we put a stamp on it.  How many marketers or ad firms do you know that can do that?  We’ve been doing it for years, and continue to advance our technology to improve our results.  We partner with you to increase your bottom line.  You win – we win.