myLIFEspeaks – Saving Haiti’s children in need

In the automotive industry, success means selling vehicles and making monthly goals. For orphans in Haiti, it simply means surviving. Orphans in Haiti exist in dire poverty, struggling daily to find enough to eat and a safe place to sleep. Attending school in such desperate conditions is almost impossible.

Client Command® is giving back by supporting myLIFEspeaks, a nonprofit providing decent living conditions and restoring hope for some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens. Their mission is to allow orphans and special-needs children to grow up together in a supportive environment.

Unlike other relief organizations, myLIFEspeaks focuses on creating a family environment. Founder Mike Wilson and his team enlist partners they call “Future Raisers” in the earthquake-stricken town of Neply, Haiti. A video on the organization’s website highlights the important work of the team and volunteers.

MyLIFEspeaks is working to change conditions for Haiti’s orphans with and without special needs. They provide high-quality education, medical care and safe housing in a campus setting.

In Neply, myLIFEspeaks rents three facilities integrated into the community as a whole. Team members live full-time with Neply’s residents and serve as Biblical leaders.

How to be a part

Over 3,500 nutritious meals are served to school children each week at the Main Campus and at the School. More than 300 children are still waiting for sponsors. The cost is more than $1,000 each week. Additional funds are needed so no child is turned away. Contributions fund projects such as:

  • Building a well to provide clean drinking water
  • Purchasing a small plot of land for the well
  • Community Program supplies including vitamin C, pre-natal vitamins and formula
  • Campus supplies such as paint, hardware and peanut butter.
  • Therapy, prenatal care, infant feeding, school, soccer, a medical clinic and more.

If you would like to join us in changing lives, contact myLIFEspeaks at 855-541-LIFE or  through their website.

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