The Dealer’s Guide to Website Content – Quick Tips

Before making a major purchase, four out of five people will research online. And, according to market research firm Rothstein Tauber, those numbers continue to rise. Developing an online presence that is rich with content will allow your vehicle dealership to be a part of a shopper’s buying decision. Get stronger results from your website content with few these proven tips. Remember to Write for Your Reader Put yourself in your customer's shoes. What information would you be looking for online? Read more [...]

Five Tips for Converting Leads to Sales

You probably put a lot of thought into your marketing strategy. It may be paying off if you have thousands of website visitors, hundreds of “likes” on Facebook, a thousand Twitter fans, and a steady amount of foot traffic into your dealership. Your marketing strategy seems to be working if it’s generating leads, but there’s another important piece to the puzzle. The ultimate goal isn’t just to generate leads. The goal is to sell vehicles. The following tips can help you convert more Read more [...]
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You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Using These Social Media Tricks to Find Buyers!

Almost all industries today are looking online to generate business. Consumers of all kinds of products and services use social media to gather information and make purchasing decisions. This is true in the auto industry, too. Still, not all dealerships are taking full advantage of social media to attract potential customers. Maybe yours is one of them. So what’s holding you back? These are some possible reasons. You think social media takes too much of your limited time. You don’t know Read more [...]

Nurturing Your Dealership Database

Intuitively, it may seem like keeping as many names as possible in the sales pipeline would be the way to go. The more leads you have, the more sales you will make, right? Not necessarily. Without nurturing your database, engaging subscribers becomes less and less effective. Nurturing means understanding where in the sales journey your potential customer is and communicating to move them to the purchase stage. Without a system, nurturing your dealer database properly becomes nearly impossible. Read more [...]
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3 Dealership Email Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Sales

Your dealership will go nowhere fast without an effective marketing campaign. Along with online ads, promotions, and direct mail, email marketing can help generate leads and convert them to sales. Email is the “workhorse” of digital marketing according to the Direct Marketing Association. With anywhere from a 31% - 43% return on every dollar spent, it is an important aspect of how you generate new sales for your dealership. The key is to get more subscribers to sign up but also to open and read your emails. Just because you have been doing email marketing for a while does not mean you shouldn’t test or continually refine your emails and process. Below are just a few tips on how to really engage via email marketing. Read more [...]
Don’t believe everything you hear. Top 10 automobile marketing myths graphic

Don’t believe everything you hear. Top 10 automobile marketing myths

1. Myth: Sending traffic to the home page of your website is best Fact: Bounce rates prove otherwise. Sending traffic to the home page of your website is ineffective not only because it is not a great user experience but because you are simply unable to measure which marketing channels and ads are converting. Landing pages with relevant content are essential for highly converting websites. Read more [...]

Best in Class Automotive Dealership Websites

The most engaging and best in class car dealership websites are those that manage to integrate all aspects of the car sales process into a well-designed and easy to navigate site. Understanding the customer journey takes the website to a new level but even more important to best in class site is personalized content. And by the way the site should load within .005 seconds in desktop and mobile browsers. Read more [...]

Manufacturers Increase Loyalty While Dealerships Try to Keep Up

Every year the automotive industry floods the market with new vehicles with new looks, and new features. Buyers often find themselves lost in a sea of makes and models with only a vague idea of what they may need. Because of this, car buyers often rely on brands they know, whether they are the brands they need. Is a Nissan the best option for your circumstances, or is a Honda? How would one know? The answer can be found within a local dealership's doors. Read more [...]

Why We Work With myLIFEspeaks

At Client Command, we have always believed that operating at a high level of integrity and helping others is the secret to success. As we continue to grow, we realize more everyday how important giving back is for us as a team and company that’s why our employees volunteer and support myLIFEspeaks. Read more [...]
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3 Dealer Marketing Musts

One of the biggest issues dealers face today is how quickly things are changing. The way auto buyers purchase and the channels they use continue to evolve at 100 MPH! Lead generation of all types starts with getting the attention of potential auto buyer through a dealer marketing channel and converting them into auto purchasers. To get ahead of the curve -- -- or rather ride the apex let’s focus on just 3 automotive dealer marketing musts. Read more [...]
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