Without question, your customer database is a never ending treasure chest of marketing intelligence. The problem is, many dealerships don’t know how to fully harness its powerful data to locate past and current customers in-market to purchase a new vehicle.


A lot of dealerships focus on looking at data sets in their DMS tied to equity mining, targeting customers whose leases are about to expire, and who have older vehicles and high service write-ups in a short period of time. In fact, your dealership is probably doing a really good job of them all.


However, that’s just a small fraction of what the customer data in your DMS can provide. There are in-market customers in your DMS right now that don’t show-up in any of those reports and they’re walking unnoticed out the back door and purchasing from other dealerships.


The biggest reason for this is because vehicle needs throughout a person’s life can change quickly. In fact, people have different needs for new vehicles all the time. Their families get bigger. Conversely, families also get smaller as kids leave the nest. People get promotions and can afford higher value vehicles. Job changes sometimes mean longer commutes and possibly the need for a more fuel efficient vehicle. Maybe someone purchased a new toy and needs more towing capacity? Or, maybe someone just had a wreck and now they need something new right away. Whatever the reason, those needs cause customers to start shopping for a new vehicle even when they’re upside down in their current one or still have time left on their lease.


What’s your strategy for identifying the customers in your database who are actively shopping for a new vehicle? How are you keeping them from defecting from your brand and store? If you don’t have a strategy, lets talk. We can show you how to increase your customer retention rates immediately.


The lifetime value of one customer can mean hundreds of thousands in revenue. Don’t let them get away.


Brett Kenley

Brett Kenley

General Manager / Ed Kenley Ford

We did it for a year, and when the year was over, the first thing the managers and even the ad agency we use suggested we jump back onboard, there’s no reason not to do it.

Mark Hebert

Mark Hebert

President / Hebert’s Town and Country DCJR

With Client Command‘s consistent targeted marketing, I know I am reaching the right customers at the right time. It’s a no-brainer to have Client Command in my marketing mix.

Jonathan Megel

Jonathan Megel

General Manager / John Megel Chevrolet

Client Command is unique, effective and sustainable. Unlike most marketing, I have been able to run Client Command marketing quarter after quarter and continue to get better results.