Today’s tracking & data technology has advanced to levels where every digital and in-home marketing touchpoint with customers can be tracked directly to a sale.  Nonetheless, many marketing vendors still solely report on low value front-end metrics like website visits, page views, time on site, social likes, phone calls, and form submissions to quantify their effort.

As a data-driven marketing company, we believe in the value all metrics can provide. However, the one metric we believe in more than anything else is what we do to drive real measurable sales for each and every client.


That’s why Client Command pioneered a pay for performance fee structure based solely on guaranteed sales tied directly to our efforts. If for any reason we don’t deliver what we promise, we’ll gladly cut a check back for what we didn’t deliver. No fluff, no tiny print. Just a simple way to make sure we’re helping your dealership gain market share and maintain a competitive advantage over your competition.


Unlike most vendors, if we can’t track a sale directly back to something we did to help with it, we don’t deserve credit for it and don’t try to get it. It’s a refreshing take on a true risk and reward partnership even Ben & Jerry, Anheuser & Busch, and McCartney and Lennon would be jealous of.


Want to see how many sales we can guarantee for your dealership?