Automotive Marketing Strategies That Suit Your Needs

Client Command®’s Automotive Marketing Strategies Suite offers comprehensive solutions that meet your individual needs. We begin each automotive marketing campaign by first understanding your market, which is broken down into three segments: Pure Conquest (customers with no sales or service history), Service Conquest (customers with service history only), and Retained Customers (customers with sales history at your dealership).


Conquest targets customers who are in the market to buy and have no sales history with your dealership within the last 5 years, building your customer base. Core helps you retain customers as well as gain new customers, strengthening your database. Using predictive analytics, our we target only in market buyers, therefore creating a sustainable automotive marketing plan – never saturating your market.


Our process is an insanely efficient and highly effective automotive marketing system your dealership can implement easily. It intelligently identifies and connects with the car buyers you need today and can sell to with ease. But that’s just part of it. Client Command isn’t just a short term traffic generating shot in the arm. Our process is completely sustainable to create the ultimate long-term competitive marketing advantage.

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Market to customers whose entire household has no buying history in five years at your dealership.

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Market to customers inside and outside your database.

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Predictive Targeted Automotive Marketing Strategies

We use predictive database marketing to find new and previous customers that are in the market to purchase a vehicle. Using 177 algorithms, our platform is able to sort through multiple databases and target customers who are ready to buy. This ensures that you don’t oversaturate the market with advertisements, saving you money and time. Our pure conquest targeting uses 800 characteristics to pinpoint new buyers at the right time. With service conquest targeting, you will be able to target those customers who have visited your service department but have yet to purchase a vehicle. With retained customers we are able to use purchase history to tailor our dealership marketing services to them.

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Multi-Channel Automotive Marketing Strategies

Using analytics data developed from several industry databases, our auto marketing solutions target in-market buyers using multiple marketing channels. Targeted email blasts, high-impact mail drops and digital marketing integration let dealers interact with buyers at different times in the decision process, helping move them towards a purchase.

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High Gross Offers

Utilizing different marketing channels as well as customized marketing strategies, we position new and returning buyers in a way that increases profit for the dealer. Positioning the buyer in this way allows for the buyer to find the car they want faster, while delivering stronger ROI for dealers.

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Custom Messaging

With our analytics and multi-channel auto marketing solutions, dealers are able to target potential buyers with more personalized messages. This reduces the amount of wasted advertising and increases the response from targeted buyers.

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Pay-for-Performance Automotive Marketing Strategies

Since the beginning, we have believed in having a win-win strategy where dealers pay only for cars sold as a result of Client Command®’s automotive digital marketing efforts. This takes the worry out of hiring Client Command® and guarantees ROI stays positive.