One of the biggest issues dealers face today is how quickly things are changing. The way auto buyers purchase and the channels they use continue to evolve at 100 MPH! Lead generation of all types starts with getting the attention of potential auto buyer through a dealer marketing channel and converting them into auto purchasers. To get ahead of the curve — — or rather ride the apex let’s focus on just 3 automotive dealer marketing musts.

Focus on Building On-site SEO

We know that SEO is one the top channels impacting the path to purchase for consumers. But don’t forget, consumers are watching more video, looking at reviews and using mobile more than ever. That means content is more important than ever before.

Video influences auto brand discovery and consideration: Video research is on the rise. In fact, online video was the #1 format for encouraging brand consideration. Videos are impacting the research phase of the customer purchase journey by 57% and swaying purchasers to new brands. According to a recent study by Google and Millward Brown, auto customers are visiting the dealer after viewing the video at a rate of 49%. And we know the impact a visit has on purchase. (Just in case you don’t, it is 89%!). What is your dealership’s video content plan? Let’s face it, dealerships typically have all of the content they need. It is a matter of repurposing and repositioning that content to meet the needs of visitors. So exactly what is it visitors are looking for?

  • Video, video and more video
  • Reviews!  9 out 10 purchasers believe a stranger’s review over an employee of the dealership. Make sure your dealership has positive reviews.
  • A mobile website with a few easy to view images. Caution: don’t tell the entire story on your website. If a mobile user can view the car/truck in its entirety, you are missing opportunities to drive that user to the dealership.

Tap the Power of Direct Mail

Not all buyers are created equally. Targeting the wrong buyers at the wrong time is essentially wasted time, money and energy. Direct Mail is a great way to reach these prospects. For the best results, target in-market buyers, those who are currently in need and actively looking for a new vehicle. This will help make sure that you aren’t exhausting the entirety of your dealer marketing budget on people who are not looking to purchase a vehicle in the immediate future. Direct mail prompts 35% of consumers to start researching.

List selection is key. If you’re not marketing to multiple databases, you’re potentially leaving money on the table. One of the strengths of Client Command® is that it uses both dealer and third party databases to help develop leads. These tactics allow your marketing efforts to cast the widest possible net, so to speak.

Think about your current results. Can you confidently say that 35% of your purchasers came through direct mail? Or that you are able to track how well your direct mail impacts the consumer during their research phase? Pay attention to how prospects find your dealership. When possible, try a unique code or offer, so you can easily determine what caught the prospect’s interest.

Analyze and Learn From Your Results

Analytics contain a huge amount of useful information about in-market buyers. Using proprietary analytics algorithms on your own client data is a great way to create unique user profiles. Once you have a sense of what’s working, you can then use those profiles to market to the people who actually match your company’s customer profile. This way you can make sure that you’re not only targeting interested buyers, but also people who are specifically interested in your brand.

By partnering with Client Command®, you can see stronger results from every mail drop.  We scrub each list for the buyers that are moving into the purchasing cycle of their journey. By connecting with the buyer during this phase of the journey, you are far more likely to see a return on your direct mail investment, and close more sales.