“Driving new business” into the dealership is integral to closing sales. After all, virtually nobody is going to purchase a new vehicle without actually seeing and test driving it. So the more we share with dealers all the ways our system brings the right prospects to the lot, the more successful they ultimately will be.

We’ve identified 3 Keys to Growing Sales to help dealers see results.

1.  Grow Conquest market share.

Going after your conquest market using our approach can be a major shift in marketing for dealerships. This category has focused for decades on mass media, and on getting the message out to the largest numbers of prospects.

Client Command® Conquest is a game-changer, because it lets dealers concentrate instead on the right kind of prospects. This allows the showroom team to use their energy and efforts on highly qualified prospects who are more likely to close a sale.

Consider that, according to Millard Brown 82% of purchasers are in-market for 3 months or less, consistently driving traffic with Client Command® Conquest helps ensure dealers will get prospects in for that all-important test drive while they’re actively shopping.

Our more targeted approach allows the dealer to communicate without distraction; i.e. focus on moving the in-market buyer through their journey to purchase. The bottom line: nurturing more leads with Client Command® Conquest adds up to more of what counts most: SALES.


2.  Turn the service drive into a sales center.

Another proven strategy for boosting sales is to leverage the relationship prospects have with the dealership’s service center. It’s a great place to mine new customers and turn an existing relationship into a new sale. Creating a positive relationship with service customers pays off when it’s time for those owners to replace or upgrade their vehicles.

The service center is more important than ever to dealerships. Consider that the cars on America’s roads are older today than ever before. A recent study by Polk found that the average age of a registered car in the U.S. is almost 11 years old. The average car owner, meanwhile, holds on to his or her vehicles for more than six years — well past standard warranties for most cars.

Older vehicles are more likely to need repairs. This makes the service center a gold mine for upsell. Help your dealerships use this exciting channel effectively and tap this ready-made market.


3.  Turn 1 car deal into 2 car deals.

New car purchases are contagious. This makes a new car sale a perfect time to go for a second sale. Oftentimes the second driver in the household is inspired and wants a new car too. Don’t they deserve one?

With the right approach, dealers can communicate to those prospects and move ahead with a second purchase. Statistics have proven that the next purchase will happen within just a few months. Client Command® can help you understand how to activate this market, and watch what happens.