Fill Your Lot with the Cars You Want

Build your inventory with acquisition focused marketing & BDC.

Why Choose Vehicle Acquisition from Client Command®?

Our Vehicle Acquisition Solution is designed to help you acquire more trades and build your inventory with the makes, models, years and mileage you want.

How Does It Work?

Choose who you engage with by targeting only those consumers who have the inventory you need for your lot. Once identified, they can be engaged via:


Digital media with buy-back messaging via Email and Social targeting owners with preferred vehicles for your inventory.

*Direct mail available for additional spend.


Client Command BDC makes prioritized calls to target current vehicle owners with acquisition messaging.

Private Market Sourcing

Client Command sources Private Listing sites (e.g., Autotrader, Facebook Marketplace, craigslist) to promote vehicle acquisition.

On average, our Dealers experience:


More trade-ins from our marketing efforts


Trade-ins sold to retail


Higher grosses on trade-ins sold