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Partner with tech that empowers dealers even when inventory is low.

How? The Active Shopper Network®

Why Partner with Client Command?

Grow your business

Expand your product portfolio

Bring solutions to every dealer conversation

Even in today’s market conditions, our agent partners are growing their revenue and expanding their customer base with Sales, Service & Vehicle Acquisition solutions powered by Client Command.

What Sets Us Apart?

⦿ Active Shopper® Difference

Our Active Shopper Network® knows who started, stopped and ramped up their shopping in the last 24 hours.

⦿ Omni-Channel Advantage

Get to shoppers first with high frequency marketing across social, email, display, mobile, direct mail and call center to drive higher gross and more trades on every sale.

⦿ Vehicle Acquisition Solution

Activating our proprietary data, dealers can load their lots with the makes, models, years and mileage they want & build their inventory efficiently and effectively.

⦿ Drive Fixed Ops

Digital marketing powered by location-based data helps dealers book more appointments and drive more revenue through their service lane.

How Can We Help?

Automotive Agents: Do you know dealers focused on any of these strategies in 2022?

Inventory Acquisition

Acquire used vehicles from consumers.

Turning Pre-Owned

Conquest new customers to move inventory.

Efficient Ad Spend

Shift, optimize or reduce their marketing spend.

Maximizing Gross Profit

Ride the wave of higher gross per unit as long as possible.

Fixed Ops Growth

Grow fixed ops by increasing their ROs and customer pay.