The most engaging and best in class car dealership websites are those that manage to integrate all aspects of the car sales process into a well-designed and easy to navigate site. Understanding the customer journey takes the website to a new level but even more important to best in class site is personalized content.  And by the way the site should load within .005 seconds in desktop and mobile browsers.

Today’s technological advances in tracking where visitors are coming from and what they are interested is becoming common place as is remarketing or retargeting but that is an article in itself. By implementing personalized content or as it is also called dynamic content the visitor sees more specific and engaging content including images, video, reviews, etc. The technology allows dealerships to dynamically change their site to “speak” to the visitor personally. You can implement software that is based on IP address location, search term, banner ad, PPC ad, etc.

For example if a buyer types in the search engine Ford F150 Atlanta, when they arrive on your page (could be a landing page or your home page) they see an image or video of Ford trucks. If you the search is more generic for example used cars Atlanta, the visitor may land on a page that has your location and image of the dealership (home page).

By implementing personalized content you have a great way to further optimize visitor conversions.

Dealer Website Design

When browsing auto dealership websites, you will notice there are many different designs. No one design is perfect for every dealership, but all of the top websites designs have a few features in common. All of them are interactive and allows users to browse new and current inventory by viewing both pictures and videos using an easy to navigate interface. Easy being key, that last thing you want to do is “dump” content on your visitor, the journey must be clear. A few dealers that are setting the standard for dealership websites include (and their website network of dealerships) as well as Schumachermb.comwhich is powered by


Conversions are key for any sales-based business. With today’s technology, it is easy to track how many leads your website is generating per a certain number of visitors and to observe where those visitors are coming from. In 2013, King Hyundaireceived the AWA award for generating the highest percentage of leads per auto shopper on their website. As you can see on the site, it is clean yet offers many easy to understand “entry points” to the customer journey. A dealership which chose to remain anonymous touts adding a 24-hour live chat doubled the number of leads their website received. These were customers that were not willing to pick up the phone or wait for an email response.

Social Media

Social media accounts cannot be left out of a dealer’s web marketing plan. Social authority plays a large role within organic search which represents 77% of buyer’s way of finding new dealerships of which they browse before visiting the dealership. A great example of social authority is also to engage the audience for example a Facebook ad campaign run by Tempe Chrysler Dodge Jeep. They asked people to like their page in order to be entered in a contest to win 4 VIP tickets to the Phoenix Open, and also donated $10 for every like to a local charity. This content added over 1,300 Facebook likes to their fan page and also generated over 1,000 leads for their company. Other dealerships are also using Pinterest and Instagram pictures in creative ways, driving additional car buyers to their websites.

There are many aspects to a successful dealership website. If you need help getting all of your marketing tools working together, give us a call so we can help you succeed.