Marketing is key to increasing the profitability of your dealership. However, with so many marketing strategies available, it is difficult to determine which strategies are worthy of your time. So where should you start? Data segmentation is an effective marketing strategy that can improve the effectiveness of campaigns and ultimately boost sales for any dealership.

Instead of focusing just on large numbers, covering your audience with a “shotgun” approach, Client Command® works more like a “rifle,” creating programs to reach a specific audience with a targeted message. Data segmentation makes that possible.

The term refers to the practice of dividing your list of prospects into target groups based on important characteristics. Okay, that sounds easy, right? Better segmentation allows you to direct information to your audience that resonates with them.

Of course, you can always segment a list based on age, occupation, price range, or beliefs. But our products make it even more personal by segmenting by the type of vehicle they are considering. Client Command® data segmentation creates a personalized message that speaks directly to prospect’s needs.

In its simplest form, data segmentation narrows the overall focus of marketing material. It builds on various trends within the prospect base. We start by noticing what’s working. Then we begin to segment out more prospects and mirror that success.

Determining the characteristics of your particular market and developing tailored marketing campaigns is the next part of the puzzle. After segmenting the market and customizing your marketing efforts accordingly, it’s time to distribute each set of marketing materials to the correct audience. This part of the process requires a significant amount of data collection and analysis. Client Command® simplifies this process for dealerships so you can focus on closing more sales.

What we do is expand upon your list and market by accessing data that has been highly segmented. That frees your dealership team to focus on prospects that are further down the purchase journey. By accessing our data, as well as yours, we are able to identify and target in-market buyers. That is the ultimate in data segmentation. With Client Command® sending the right content in the right format at the RIGHT TIME, we send more qualified buyers your way.

As we continue to segment and market, we continue to learn about your market. We’re continually capturing the data of those visiting landing pages and your dealership, so the quality of your target lists grows. When distributing lead generation material, we determine which outlets are most likely to be accessed by each segment of the market so that you will be able to utilize the right material and direct leads to the correct landing page.

Then when following up on leads already secured, you can determine which segment of the market applies to each lead.  That way you’ll be able to continue to send them the most relevant promotions – the information most likely to answer their needs and trigger a sale.

Data segmentation is at the heart of how we position dealer success. It’s our focus, so you and your team have more time to spend on what you do best – selling vehicles.