Engaging conquest customers and delivering them to the showroom is a HOT button for every dealer. Who doesn’t want to increase profits and grow their database? Reaching outside your database and bringing in-market buyers to your door is definitely one way to do that.  Our solutions can easily partner with the efforts of your current marketing, both traditional and digital.

Because our program works in a way that’s very efficient, targeted, and doesn’t saturate your market; we’re a perfect complement to your current marketing. Client Command® is the answer to your need for those EXTRA SALES that will put you over the top.  We can also easily integrate with your DMS, generate high quality leads, and create more traffic to your events.

The Client Command® platform utilizes multi-channel marketing, which means we contact customers using multiple methods. Our programs include both digital and offline touches including email, digital re-targeting, customized landing pages, direct mail and more. We A/B test every ad, media type and market segment which enables us to innovate constantly.

The ultimate goal is to reach out to each consumer with a consistent, personalized message based on the consumer’s profile. This maximizes the likelihood of the sale. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can accomplish this goal by developing and distributing our own marketing material or by integrating with your existing marketing partners, both online and offline.

Our print and digital marketing campaigns are also co-op compliant for most manufacturers, so you don’t have to worry about compromising the financial support you receive from manufacturers.

We offer two distinctive marketing solutions: Client Command® Conquest is conquest only, which markets to buyers who have no history with your dealership in order to bring in new clients. Client Command® Core, which is database and conquest combined, markets to customers inside and outside your database, increasing retention as well as growing your new customer base. The bottom line is a stronger stream of well-qualified leads and prospects that are ready to buy. Get a customized program for your store – see how.