For most dealerships, incorporating Client Command® into the marketing mix is a paradigm shift.  After all, automotive has traditionally been a numbers business – and that means bigger is always better, right?

Not so fast. Marketing just on the # of impressions or mail pieces is old school thinking. Now dealers see better results at a lower price point by delivering messaging that’s relevant to the prospect. That’s why Client Command® elevates the quality of each lead over sheer quantity.

In the present marketplace, customers want to be recognized with customized communications that make their buying journey more personalized. The Client Command® platform makes these personalized communications and sales possible.

Our products provide authentic engagement that matches buyer’s needs. It’s a more holistic approach than a simple lead generation campaign, direct mail drop, display ad or TV/Radio buy – and it works.

Digital marketing today is enabling real-time authentic engagement. Consumers have come to expect it, and if we don’t respond in near real-time, our competitors will.

The Client Command® technology platform has the ability to deliver multi-channel marketing that targets, engages and delivers customers. The bigs (Adobe, Salesforce, IBM, HP and Oracle) are all trying to create this same value pitch for the Fortune 500 through their marketing clouds.

We have integrated advanced marketing cloud technology into our product and messaging for each dealer. That puts us in a position of bringing leading marketing innovation to dealers in a way that is totally customized. Delivering targeted leads means bringing more of what really counts — closed sales.