We are so fortunate to be able to partner with these guys to help the children of Haiti not only survive by feeding them and caring for them, but educating them and allowing them to be children in a tough environment.  In Neply, the area has gone through so much struggle, and the unfortunate consequence is that some parents are not able to care for their children, and medical and educational resources are just not there.  Thanks to so many who contribute, MyLifeSpeaks is able to give these needed resources, care for so many in the community and is really making a difference.  Here’s a recap of how MyLifeSpeaks changed the community of Neply, Haiti in 2014:

27 Pregnant mothers cared for

32 Infants received formula weekly

45,500 Meals in 2014

14 Students attended special education class daily

4,183 Patients seen at LIFE Clinic

58 People employed in Neply

602 Team members visited Neply!