I recently returned from the Conversion Conference in Chicago. This year’s presentations were packed with conversion rate optimization insights that can have a major impact in your business!

Closing more sales starts with understanding what a prospect really needs. It’s been said for decades (maybe centuries?), but the customer truly is king. For digital marketers, here’s some ideas on how to put this into practice.

1)    Respect the inbox. Every contact needs to focus on the problem the customer is trying to solve. Sending out the wrong kind of information weakens credibility. If a prospect is shopping for a family vehicle, for instance, don’t send email highlighting your best deals on sports cards. This makes it look like you’re unconcerned. Make it clear in every email “what’s in it” for the prospect. https://twitter.com/hunterboyle

2)    Track open rates. Offer the chance to opt out. After each email drop, make time to analyze what didn’t get opened and read. Every so often, reach out to subscribers who aren’t reading your email and let them know you’ve noticed. Ask how you can better serve them and help solve their problem. Remember, it’s about the customer!

One case study blew my mind, it was a perfect example.Ulta Beauty Supply sends out “daily deals.” After a subscriber fails to open ten emails, they follow up with an email summarizing the opt-out policy and offering the chance to receive less frequent emails. This demonstrates they respect their prospects’ time – who else do you know that would opt out their own customers? – they are sincerely committed to creating a quality experience. The customers noticed and their newsletter had a positive reaction, increasing engagement.

3)    Keep asking how you can do a better job. Customers will let you know!

Another case study insight from the conference was an eye-opener. Sean Ellis while at Log Me In contacted customers to find out why they weren’t downloading the company’s free software. https://twitter.com/SeanEllis

Turns out people didn’t believe the product was truly free. Log Me In restructured the page to include trials of both the free and the paid version. Downloads quickly shot through the roof! They arrived at that improvement because they listened to their customers.

You can use a tool like https://qualaroo.com/ to ask customers questions about their experience. Imagine how much A/b testing you would have to find the above statement. Just ask!

4)    Start thinking beyond Mobile. Offer prospects different experiences in different media.

Don’t get me wrong. I think all sites and emails should work well on mobile devices. But I know we can do even better! Consider how the mobile experience can become even more interactive and engaging, or drive traffic into the dealership! When prospects are mobile, they don’t want to see a smaller version of your site. Their needs might be different. Easy to call, Easy to GPS, etc. Think beyond “responsive” or basic technology, think Different Experience!


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