Supercharge Your Pre-Owned Car Sales

The power of franchise-level data and creative reimagined for Pre-Owned Car Sales.

Why Choose Client Command®?

Powered by the Active Shopper Network®, our Pre-Owned Sales Marketing is driven by data tailored specifically for pre-owned car sales allowing your dealership to:

Tap into the Power of the Active Shopper Network®

Engage pre-owned car shoppers in real-time

Empower your team with Active Shoppers®

How Does It Work?

With Pre-owned Sales Marketing, we target only those consumers who are actively searching for cars with relevant digital marketing. Amplify your pre-owned car sales strategy with:


Target prospects outside of your DMS to garner brand new customers.

VIN-specific Engagement

Encourages Active Shoppers® to actively engage with pre-owned vehicles currently on your lot.

Real-time & Cadenced Email

Deliver relevant email messaging that is mobile and desktop friendly.

VIN-specific Social Media

Entice pre-owned shoppers with VIN-specific ads displayed in a carousel on Facebook.

On average, our Dealers experience:


More trade-ins from our marketing efforts


Conquest sales on average for current dealers