This market requires you stop wasting ad dollars targeting the wrong audiences. It’s time to engage Active Shoppers® as soon as they enter the market with Client Command’s automotive marketing solutions.

Request a demo today and see firsthand:

  • How many people are in your market right now actively shopping for a vehicle or looking to schedule service.
  • How you can reach these people well before your competition with highly efficient 1:1 communications.
  • How our influenced sales deliver even more gross per vehicle and 18.6% more trades – even in an atypical market.
  • How your marketing can be turnkey and deliver more sales in less time with 27 to 1 ROI.*
  • How our dedicated Co-Op team operates as turnkey providers ensuring you get the most out of your Co-Op reimbursement.


*based on Client Command customer data from 1.1.2021 to 3.31.2022