After completing my first couple of rounds of customer road trips, I’ve had a few interesting observations and seen some developing trends. Here’s a topline of what I’ve learned so far.

Some of our clients aren’t sure what we do for them

Because Client Command® is so powerful and has such varied functionality, many clients have us mis-categorized in their marketing arsenal. This presents some very interesting challenges and questions, namely. Some don’t understand about the black box, and what we do for them. Maybe our product is a bit too “hands off” and turn-key. Other dealerships seem to be using Client Command® in surprising ways. This has led me to ask what are the other unintended uses of our product?

It’s clear that different kinds of dealerships have vastly different needs. And it seems each type of Dealer can use something specific from us.

  • Training for sales people, voiced by most customers, (especially ones w/high turnover). I heard this over and over again. Customers want to use our product; we just need to show them how.
  • Support for more aggressive “hunter” type dealerships. List delivery and working our lists was more important in dealerships with more of a “hunter” market position. Typically, these are newer, fast-growing dealerships have something to prove. Longer-standing market giants are not as motivated. Those dealers are most likely to let customers find them, and to let their (often decades old) brand do the heavy lifting. Let’s arm dealerships with the tools they need to win!
  • More information for more strategic “gatherer” type dealerships. Many stores were interested in “stats, analytics, and data”. They are actively taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them; they need plenty of information to stay on top of their growth trend.
  • Easy integration with CRM tools. Most voiced needs for CRM Lite tools and features that work with their CRM systems. The better we can align with these product integration needs,

The more value Client Command® can deliver.

I see two major strategies we can follow to answer these customer needs. Both will position Client Command® to develop stronger bonds with our clients and help position them – and us – to win in the marketplace.

#1.  Integrate our guaranteed, automated marketing product with Dealership sales efforts. This will which include training, CRM integrations and other tools that will help bridge the gap between our marketing and their sales teams

#2. Anticipate and meet the configuration needs of different dealer types. It’s time to step up our ability to customize our marketing for big market dealers vs. small market dealers, dealers with a CRM and dealers without and so on.

Our clients can explain exactly what they need – and all the reasons they need it. We take the time to listen and use that learning to refine our products. Stay tuned for more insights on the ways we will deliver an even better product.