Moving into 2015, the retail automotive market looks strong. JD Power and Associates forecast last month that new car and light truck sales will climb to 16.94 million in 2015. This would be a record high. We’re positioned to help dealers take advantage of this record sales growth.

Research shows customers are changing the way they shop. According to a study done by McKinsey & Company in February 2014, 90% of customers now use the dealer website or OEM website in the early stages of their decision making process.

More than 1/3 of customers would consider buying a car online. The average number of dealer visits by a customer before buying a car has dropped over the years from almost 5 to just over 1. Engaging these customers before they hit the lot has never been more important.

Client Command® helps dealers adjust to these new changes by putting their messages right where their customers are shopping for cars–online. Our programs put dealers in the right place at the right time all the way through a customer’s shopping experience.

We created our unique pay-for-performance marketing immediately after 9/11/2001–a big turning point that created much more uncertainty in the market. The recession of 2009 was a 2nd big turning point. Dealers are now looking for more measurable programs that deliver accountable value

Even well into the recovery period, and with the stock market at record levels, the market is still operating very cautiously. This plays well into our unique offering of pay-for-performance marketing. Dealers appreciate that we get paid very similar to how they get paid; we have to produce results.

We came into this industry to redefine how marketing is done.  Pay-for-performance marketing is still a new concept to a lot of dealers and is very appealing.

The Client Command® difference is that we offer cutting edge marketing solutions for dealers by authentically engaging prospects and charging dealers only when those prospects purchase a vehicle.

We have a seasoned and committed leadership team dedicated to changing the way dealers pay for marketing. We take the guess work out of marketing so they can do what they do best—sell cars. It is our job to figure out who to hit, with what message, and when to deliver.  The dealer thereby avoids having to “tinker” with the marketing and focus on what drives revenue for his/her business—again, selling cars.

Dealers appreciate our unique business model. In fact, in the last 6 months, 84% of dealer clients who ended a campaign started another one. This retention rate is a high compliment to the effectiveness of our model. It’s driven by meeting our clients’ marketing goals with our products and with outstanding customer service by our employees.

We’re positioned to continue this momentum through 2015.  Every month we are rolling out new features that build value for our clients.   Engaging conquest customers and delivering them to the dealership is a HOT button for EVERY dealer. This is our expertise. We will continue to grow and respond to customers by listening to our clients.

Things are going to get even better in 2015. Our high touch client is a point of pride for us. We’ll be stepping that service up to another level in 2015 by having a dedicated account manager for our clients. This will help ensure we are providing the highest level of service to meet individual client needs.

Clients who continue to run our programs will get more and more value per $ spent the longer they stay on. We always want to listen to our clients as well as those yet to do business with us.  With that said, we’ll continue helping dealers do what they do best—sell cars. We’ll keep innovating new ways to authentically engage prospects and bring those prospects to the dealership. We’re taking this business in some bold new directions that will help our dealers reach their goals, and we’ll be beside them every step of the way.