Close more sales and send your ROI skyrocketing with smart and efficient marketing solutions designed to reach individuals actively shopping for a new vehicle.

Here’s how it works.


Pinpoint your ideal audience.

Reaching active vehicle shoppers using the same old audience targeting strategies as everyone else can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s time consuming and inefficient. That’s where we come in. Client Command’s® behavior tracking technology creates an active shopper network™ of individuals in your market who have shown hundreds of online behaviors indicating they are actively shopping for a vehicle right now.


Communicate at a personal level.

Identifying active shoppers™ is awesome but it’s most useful when you can communicate with them. That’s where the real Client Command® magic happens. We connect anonymous shopping behavior with known personal information about each active shopper™. It isn’t a best guess or a prediction. We’re able to connect individual identities with shopping behavior. Once that happens the advertising awesomeness begins.


Engage with omni-channel surround sound.

As soon as active shoppers™ have been identified, it’s time to deliver the right message. Real-time data shows us what shoppers are searching for and messages can be created that meet their needs and compel them to act. Media strategies are custom tailored to reach each individual shopper on a 1:1 level efficiently and frequently across connected online devices and offline. The media savings can be huge because you’re reaching the right person, with the right message, using channels that won’t be missed. It’s like advertising surround sound. Even better, it’s precise, efficient, and cost-effective.


Measure your success.

Advertising attribution has always been a black box of questions. The biggest one… “how do you know if something worked?” By targeting known active shoppers™ with 1:1 communications, every touchpoint can be tied directly back to an activity like a vehicle purchase. Advertising attribution can be measured and identified and ROI can be calculated like never before. In fact, ROI can skyrocket because the majority of ad spend can be utilized to target and reach active car shoppers instead of people with no intentions to buy.


Keep the sales coming.

It’s great to see advertising produce immediate results but it’s just as awesome to create a long-term advantage over everyone else. Utilizing Client Command’s active shopper network™, automotive marketers see sustainable repeated sales month after month. It’s because once a target customer ends up in your funnel – they stay there. You can continuously monitor online activity so you always know when a buyer is actively shopping. Once they show signs they’re at the ideal shopping activity, Client Command® kicks into gear automatically for you. You’ll be positioned for a long-term competitive advantage no one can compete with.