Enterprise Marketing
Enterprise Marketing

Data driven enterprise marketing strategies to deliver results at scale.

In the race to attract car shoppers and retain customers, the right marketing data acted on in real-time can exponentially increase the ability to meet and exceed sales objectives. CentComm™ is an enterprise level marketing solution that gives you that edge. By combining 1st party, 3rd party, and real-time active shopper™ data, you can target and engage active shoppers™ like never before at scale. Cover all the bases so you can confidently make the most strategic decisions and quickly deploy messages to reach active car shoppers. It’s enterprise marketing at its most powerful and most cost-effective. Even better, CentComm™ is available as a turnkey solution or as custom packages that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Scalable Marketing Solutions Any Way You Want Them.


Combine 1st party data with rich online & offline 3rd party data using one source


Accelerate marketing insights and act on them quickly


Identify active car shoppers™ using realtime data


Deploy digital advertising campaigns across connected devices


Know when existing customers are looking at other brands

Target and reach active shoppers.

Target and reach active shoppers.

Use a combination of online and offline data to know precisely when the best individuals for your stores are actively shopping and how to reach them. Make confident strategic decisions based on real-time data and act on those decisions faster than anyone else.

Boost your ROI.

Boost your ROI.

Enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and spend less by focusing your group’s marketing efforts on known active shoppers™ looking to purchase the vehicles you have in stock. Even better, reach them before your competition so your stores can close more deals consistently and with a higher average front and back end gross.

Keep the deals coming.

Keep the deals coming.

Experience sustainable repeated growth month-after-month with a system engineered to continually monitor, deliver, and learn for long-term increased results. In addition to adding new active shoppers™ around the clock, CentComm™ monitors post-sale online activity so when sold customers are back in the market, your group is right there to deliver the vehicles they need and your ready to engage them whenever you want.

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