Before making a major purchase, four out of five people will research online. And, according to market research firm Rothstein Tauber, those numbers continue to rise. Developing an online presence that is rich with content will allow your vehicle dealership to be a part of a shopper’s buying decision. Get stronger results from your website content with few these proven tips.

Remember to Write for Your Reader

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What information would you be looking for online? What sorts of posts would be helpful to you? Write or commission blog posts that address these needs, and you can win readers that become buyers.

This strategy helps bring people to your site, since your content will match up more closely with their search engine queries. And, once the reader is there, you begin building a relationship by being helpful. We are more inclined to trust those who have given us helpful advice and thus more likely to buy.

Of course articles are helpful. But content also includes: images and videos. Images are processed 60K faster by the brain than text, so be sure to use great images! The same goes for videos. Videos can quickly convince buyers to consider a new brand. Don’t just park them on your YouTube page – link to them from within your website.

Study What Works

Study your website analytics often to determine the ROI of your content. When you identify types of content that are effective, plan for more in the future and populate content consistently and frequently. For instance, suppose a dealership sees sales increase after offering a free downloadable buyer guide to this year’s new vehicle. They can build on that success by offering other free guides, such as one for trucks or a primer on trade in values.

Document what content yields gold and which falls flat. You’ll soon develop a strategy to maximize ROI on your creative content development expenses.

Update Often

In a study of 7,000 businesses, Hubspot discovered that those that blog frequently reap rich rewards. A company that posts 15 times a month will get five times the traffic as one that doesn’t blog at all. Those increasing their posting schedule from 3 to 5 times a month to 6 to 8 saw their sales leads double.

Not sure what to write about? There are topics that can be of use to buyers at any time of year. Keep things fresh with top 10 lists, vehicle safety tips, seasonal news and maintenance advice.

Find New Life for Old Content

Maintaining a frequent posting schedule can be demanding. But, there is a resource that many companies fail to exploit: their own older content. Most people aren’t looking for vehicle information every day; they search only when they are shopping for a new vehicle. So, even your content that is a year or more old will be new to them. Create best-of posts, republish popular old posts or repackage blog content into infographics, ebooks and social media posts to get the most value out of the content on your blog.

By offering a steady stream of relevant and useful content, you increase your dealership’s search volume and build rapport with scores of readers. The job of building trust begins before they ever enter your lot, enhancing your relationship and increasing your chance of closing a sale.