At Client Command®, we have always believed that operating at a high level of integrity and helping others is the secret to success. As we continue to grow, we realize more everyday how important giving back is for us as a team and company that’s why our employees volunteer and support myLIFEspeaks.

ThemyLIFEspeaks organization exists to speak up for those around the world who can’t, by bringing LIFE-giving aid to orphans with and without special needs while showing all people around the globe their worth. myLIFEspeaks makes this happen by allowing both typical orphans and those with special needs the opportunity to grow up together in the same family environment. myLIFEspeaks hopes to expand globally by showing people all over the world that children everywhere are in need of our support.

In addition to accepting monetary donations, myLIFEspeaks volunteers work with the residents of the village of Neply in Haiti. Volunteers work on teams involved in three broad areas:

  • Childhood and Special Needs Education
  • Family Care/Community Involvement
  • Medical/Therapy

Each of these groups takes part in activities that improve village life. By improving the life of villagers, they can care for the many-orphaned children in Neply, either by family adoption or providing the best possible care for those living in a group facility.

The country of Haiti is very poor. The devastation in human and capital terms from the earthquake in 2010 is still evident. With nearly a quarter of a million people killed in the earthquake, tens of thousands of children are now orphans. More than 800,000 citizens still live in camps where disease and famine are a major threat.

The people of Haiti also need help from people with strong core values centered on integrity and helping others. In a country where corruption and natural disaster has left many without basic needs, myLIFEspeaks has created an honest way to help the people suffering the most: the children. We proudly support this cause and we are proud of the difference made in the lives of children through myLIFEspeaks.

While finances limit myLIFEspeaks as to what they can do, they are thrilled to know that their VISION stays the same but our methods are ALWAYS open to change. Much like our industry and clients, business evolution is inevitable and finding the money to make the strides is a never ending battle. We hope to make it easier for myLIFEspeaks through our contributions. If you or your staff members are interested in learning more, volunteering or giving to this worthwhile organization please visit