As we head into year-end, there’s one thought on everyone’s mind. How can we close more deals and finish strong? Really it’s more like “How can we close more deals so we can get the marketing and advertising dollars we need in 2015?”

The most basic and well-known stat for sales is: 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect.  25% of sales people make a second contact and stop. So why aren’t you calling? Set yourself apart.  Yes, we know you are having promotions and touting reasons for buyers to visit the showroom, but let’s face it, most people buy within 90 days of starting their search and need an extra push in the right the direction. Client Command® delivers quality, targeted leads throughout the campaign cycle. Don’t let them disappear! Follow through is key.

If you don’t make your numbers, next year is going to be more of a struggle with reduced co-op ad and marketing dollars

**If you follow up with a web lead within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them.

When the prospect needs the warmth and support of a human connection, as most all do sooner than later, make sure you’re there!. That means it’s time to take your computer printout in hand, and crank out more personalized contacts.

Send a personal email and highlight the aspects of what the car will do for the individual and/or family i.e., “Sam, great speaking with you last week. Based on our conversation, you mentioned low maintenance cost as a priority. _____ has one of the lowest maintenance costs in the industry, without losing power, which I know is also important. Come by and take it for another spin before you make your final choice of vehicle. I will give you a call to confirm a time.” Call and move this prospect forward.

Invite the prospect to a special dealership event. Most people don’t get invited to events offering cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a relaxed browsing atmosphere. Porsche does this really well. Make it special. Send the invite and personally call. Describe the type of people who will be there and paint the picture of the leisurely after-work reception.

Offer a personal walking tour of your in-house inventory, or suggest walking them through your car-locator capabilities. With today’s rich databases and search capabilities, chances are good you can locate the ideal vehicle for every prospect. Your offer to sit down with them to fully understand their needs may hit at a time they’re feeling overwhelmed and especially time-crunched. Few people have time to carve out an entire day, or even an entire evening, to shop for a vehicle so spending a few strategic minutes helping identify prime objectives may get them to make a decision sooner.  Highlight the time savings you can provide.

Play the safety and comfort cards. Remind prospects why they want and need a new vehicle now. Road trips and vacations are part of many holiday plans. Why not hit the highway to Grandma’s in a shiny, new, road-worthy ride that will make everyone in the family feel happy and more enthusiastic about the journey?

Personal service is quickly becoming an endangered resource. Remind them it’s alive and well at your dealership!