Lock-in Your Audience Builder Experience

Audience Builder is being released at NADA in 2024. For those who experience Audience Builder at the show, we are giving a free 30,000 prospect audience* with the purchase of the Audience Builder Platform.

The Active Shopper Network® powers Audience Builder

The unique combination of our online and offline data enables us to know shoppers at the person level. We generate 23 million Active Shopper® profiles a month, which you can use to build your audience.

  • Know who is shopping for a car.

  • Know who needs to get their car serviced.

  • Know who wants to trade in their car.

*The free 30,000 prospect audience consists of 10,000 prospects per month for 3 months with the purchase of the Audience Builder platform. In exchange for the free audience, you will be asked for feedback on the platform’s usability and data efficacy. Terms and Conditions apply.