Frontier Motors Grows Sales YoY With Client Command® 2022

The Story

Heading in to 2020, Frontier Motors forged a partnership to double down on the ability to conquest new customers with efficiency. Relying on the Active Shopper Network® to identify shoppers as soon as they enter the market, Frontier Motors saw an immediate influx of traffic.

12.9% YoY Growth in 2020

The Results

Traffic slowed down in March due to Covid-19 in their home state of Ohio. But quickly picked up as Client Command’s Active Shopper Network® triggered real-time marketing to online shoppers as shoppers came back into the market. Frontier Motors saw a 12.9% YoY growth for the first half of 2020 – 70% of Client Command influenced sales were brand new customers.

70% of Influenced Sales were New Customers

The Impact

With personalized messaging offering drive thru appraisals, they leveraged Client Command’s technology to target shoppers in their immediate backyard while also reaching into neighboring parts of Indiana and Kentucky. Frontier Motors experienced back to back record-breaking months, capped off with a 74% YoY increase in June.

74% YoY Sales Increase in June 2020

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Our Sales Strategy for Frontier Motors

To get in front of in-market shoppers first, Client Command activates the identity data of the Active Shopper Network® with customer-focused, omni-channel marketing.

Direct Mail

Real-Time Email

Display Ads

Phone BDC

Social Media

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