Greenville Nissan drives the highest value with limited inventory

The Story

This North Carolina dealership partnered with the Active Shopper Network® in early 2021 to target high value customers that spend more and trade often. In the first nine months, the partnership influenced 28% of total sales. Those sales drove 30% of their total gross and 35% of their total vehicles acquired via trade-in.

28% Total Sales Influenced

The Impact

By targeting shoppers as soon as they enter the market with relevant messaging, Greenville Nissan has enjoyed 9% more gross per unit on Client Command® influenced sales in 2021. And as consumer demand began to slow in late Q3, the value to their bottom line increased. In September alone, the partnership generated 16.6% more per unit, nearly $600.

16.6% Higher Gross per Unit

The Results

In a time where acquiring and turning used inventory is critical, the partnership is producing in BIG ways! Not only are Client Command-influenced sales delivering 38% more trades, the vehicles acquired are turning three days faster than other acquired vehicles and added an extra $518K to Greenville Nissan’s bottom line.

38% More Trades Acquired

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Our Sales Strategy for Greenville Nissan

To get in front of in-market shoppers first, Client Command activates the identity data of the Active Shopper Network® with customer-focused, omni-channel marketing.

Direct Mail

Real-Time Email

Display Ads

Phone BDC

Social Media

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