The Story

Jim Robinson Toyota knows the value of retaining its customer base. Amidst uncertainty in 2020, they extended their partnership with Client Command to be in front of their customers early and often. With the Active Shopper Network®, they are there within 24 hours of their customers entering the market.

Get There 1st

The Results

Being there first is critical, staying present is imperative. Through the partnership, Jim Robinson Toyota kept their message in front of shoppers through their entire buying journey, on average 17.25 touches per sale. How do they know? Client Command’s 1:1 marketing attribution.

17.25 Touches Per Sale

The Impact

For Jim Robinson Toyota, a strategy is only as good as the results it produces. Over the past 12 months, the partnership has influenced 44% of total sales, supplied 29% more trades than non-Client Command-influenced sales, and delivered efficiency with a 20:1 ROI.

29% More Trade-Ins

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Our Sales Strategy for Jim Robinson Toyota

To get in front of in-market shoppers first, Client Command activates the identity data of the Active Shopper Network® with customer-focused, omni-channel marketing.

Direct Mail

Real-Time Email

Display Ads

Phone BDC

Social Media

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