Client Command® And Dealer eProcess

Companies Announce Strategic Partnership, Launching Industry-First, Website Personalization Features and Curated Active Shopper® Audiences.

ATLANTA, GA – January 26, 2024 – Dealer eProcess, a leading provider of automotive websites and digital solutions is partnering with Client Command®, known as automotive’s premier shopper-identity platform and shopper audience aggregator. Today, both companies are ecstatic to announce their partnership that will enable dealerships to maximize the opportunities on their website and create laser-targeted advertising campaigns to Active Shopper® audiences.

“We looked at dozens of data sets throughout automotive and outside of automotive and concluded after six months of beta testing that CC by far is out pacing them all.
Client Command’s data has really enhanced our platform’s ability to offer an extremely personalized experience to each individual consumer, not only when it comes to their website activity, but also with all the digital advertising. Leveraging the Active Shopper Network to empower marketing products with Audiences.
It’s the fact that they’re able to get such powerful information on customers the dealer has NEVER done business with! Most competing products that offer identity resolution rely strictly on the data that lives in a dealer’s DMS. However, the problem with targeting just users in your DMS is that only around 3% of all people in your DMS are currently in the market for a car. This means that other tools only work on a fraction of the shoppers in your market and does nothing to help dealers find net new customers. Client Command gives us the ability to reach out into the marketplace and identify soon-to-be car buyers, regardless of whether the dealership has a previous relationship with them.”

Client Command® and Dealer eProcess are delivering revolutionary opportunities for dealers to create personalized customer experiences utilizing real-time, audience data.

Mike Salicco, Chief Revenue Officer at Client Command shared his enthusiasm: “As the auto industry continues to evolve, partnering with Dealer eProcess is a game changer towards delivering the unique, personal and enhanced customer experience that consumers seek.”
During the 2024 National Automobile Dealer Association Conference and Expo, Dealer eProcess will begin offering dealers the ability to leverage Client Command’s patented Active Shopper Network® as part of their digital solutions suite. In addition, Dealer eProcess will be releasing six website enhancements creating a custom user experience.

1. Behavior-based SRP Filters:

Using the Dealer eProcess identity resolution technology, the CRP automatically reorders the vehicle filters on the search results page to prioritize the shopper’s preferences based on site activity and GA4 engagement signals. The CRP delivers real-time personalization and, if available, can also utilize a dealer group’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) for deeper insights.

2. Behavior-based Features Filter:

The CRP automatically learns the shopper’s most desired features in a vehicle based on site activity and signals from GA4. On future visits to the site, shoppers will see their must-have features intelligently pre-selected and re-ordered to the top of the filter column.

3. Recent Searches:

The CRP incorporates a list of recently viewed vehicles into the filter stack, allowing shoppers to quickly return to their preferred car, even across multiple website sessions. Best of all, shoppers do not have to log in for the site to remember previous searches.

4. Saved Searches:

Shoppers can preserve their entire search criteria, including the price range, list of desired features, seating preferences, etc., enabling them to seamlessly resume their car shopping sessions whenever they choose. This convenient tool ensures visitors can effortlessly pick up where they left off, making their car shopping experience more efficient and user-friendly.

5. Saved Vehicles:

The CRP lets shoppers conveniently create a list of saved vehicles directly on the search results page. Unlike others in the industry, DEP’s implementation is built natively into the SRP page for easier and more intuitive access. Shoppers can add vehicles by submitting a lead or clicking the heart icon, all without providing any personal information.

6. Group Data Sharing:

All of the new personalization features in the CRP– such as behavior-based changes to the SRP page and dynamic shopper activity utilization– will extend across all of a dealer group’s websites, allowing the tracking of customer journeys across multiple dealership sites and brands, and enhancing the personalization for each unique visitor upon every subsequent shopping session.

About Dealer eProcess:

Dealer eProcess is a comprehensive website and digital marketing solution catering to the needs of automotive dealerships. Their remarkable history of innovation, advanced online tools, and exceptional customer support put their clients on the fast track to digital success. Dealer eProcess has won numerous awards for its innovative technology, including Automotive’s first Connected Retail Platform, establishing itself as a recognized leader in the industry. To learn more about the Connected Retail Platform and its impact on dealerships nationwide, visit

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About Client Command®:

Founded in 1999, Client Command® is automotive’s premier data solution, delivering identity-level, intent data. Our mission is to provide our dealer-partners with the best data in automotive and give them the tools to use that data to create a REAL advantage over their competitors. Powered by the patented Active Shopper Network®, our products enable dealers to engage shoppers in real-time across all their devices. We measure our results through multi-touch attribution and identity-level match back to sale. To learn more about Client Command’s Active Shopper Network®, visit

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